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Amalia Córdova

Amalia Córdova is the Latin American Program Manager for NMAI’s Film and Video Center. In this position, she organizes video tours, film festivals, and international screenings. She has also been a panelist, moderator, selector, and juror at international indigenous film festivals, including the Morelia International Film Festival and the CLACPI International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples. Córdova, who has co-directed two documentaries on indigenous art in Chile, recently produced First Voices, about the New York independent radio program First Voices Indigenous Radio which airs on WBAI-FM.

Córdova has contributed to scholarship on the history and development of indigenous media in Latin America with several publications, including essays in the 2008 collection Global Indigenous Media (eds. Pamela Wilson and Michelle Stewart), American Indian magazine and Cultural Survival Quarterly. She has participated in professional panels including a panel organized by NMAI on museums and Latin American media at the 2010 annual meetings of the American Association of Museums. She is a former trustee of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, an organization that supports and encourages independent media makers. She was also one of the co-founders of the indigenous collective Cineminga, which produces films and teaches filmmaking in indigenous communities.

Córdova is currently completing her PhD in cinema studies at New York University, from which she holds an MA in performance studies. She was born in Santiago, Chile, and now resides in New York City.

Work featured: First Voices