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Emma Reyes de Aquino (Nahua)

Emma Reyes de Aquino works for La Coordinadora Nacional Plan de Ayala (CNPA), an indigenous organization that for thirty years has been committed to the development of the Universidad Indígena Campesina (UNICAM) and of Nahua communities in the coastal region of Michoacán.

Her documentary Kuali an Ajxic Patu Xalipan/Welcome to Our Beaches is concerned with the community’s control of the impact of tourism. The production is the result of a series of media workshops at UNICAM’s campus in Pómaro, supported CNPA and led by Amadeo Alvardo. Teenagers and young adults collectively participated in the making of this documentary, which is co-directed by de Aquino and Alvarado. The film has been broadcast on UNICAM’s Canal Indígena. In 2009 it received an honorable mention at the Festival de Cine y Video Indígena in Morelia and was included in UNESCO’s Cameras of Diversity project. Based on the success of her first documentary, she has launched Al Ayotl Xim, an independent production company. De Aquino lives in Maruata in Pómaro, Michoacán, the community in which she grew up.

Work featured: Kuali an Ajxic Patu Xalipan/Welcome to Our Beaches