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Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez is a co-founder of Cineminga, a media collective organized to produce films and teach filmmaking in indigenous communities. Gomez’ first film, Robert de Jesús Guachetá: The Work Goes On, a tribute to the Nasa activist educator in the Cauca region of Colombia, was screened recently at festivals in Canada and Colombia. Currently, Cineminga is producing a series of films based on the dreams of children, working with Nasa youth in Colombia and young Ainu in Japan. Gomez has worked as a cameraman and editor on several other independent documentary and fiction projects that have screened internationally on the large and small screen.

Gomez also works as a bilingual Spanish/English interpreter, including work in New York for the United Nation's Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and for numerous Native American Film + Video Festivals and other screening events at the National Museum of the American Indian. He has also worked as a translator of film scripts and Web texts. His interest in education began in Chicago, where he taught video and photography to inner city youth while he was attending film school. Gomez was born in Bogotá and now resides in Popayán, Colombia.

Work featured: Robert de Jesús Guachetá: The Work Goes On