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Juliana Julajuj (Kaqchikel Maya)

In her work Juliana Julajuj addresses gender and social issues in rural Guatemala. Since 2001 she has been director of the NUTZIJ Center for Mayan Women Communicators in the city of Sololá. NUTZIJ, which means “my word” in Kaqchikel Maya, offers computer and audiovisual workshops as well as Internet access to women. In 2007 Julajuj directed her first documentary, which explores indigenous rights in Sololá. It has been screened in indigenous and human rights film festivals, including several festivals in Spain, at the 4th CLACPI International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples, held in Chile, and in Guatemala in the 3rd Foro Social Américas. In 2010 she organized the first workshop on audiovisual communication training for indigenous woman held in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, in collaboration with the CLACPI Festival. Julujuj is an active leader in her community, organizing workshops, film festivals and screenings in which participants show their works followed by community discussion.

Work featured: Equidad de Género/Gender Equality