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Donavan Seschillie (Navajo)

Donavan Seschillie has directed short films, PSAs and music videos, often collaborating with childhood friends Deidra Peaches and Jake Hoyungowa. He and his collaborators premiered their most recent film, The Rocket Boy, at the 2010 Native Cinema Showcase in Santa Fe. The work was selected for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, one of only 81 short films to be shown out of more than 6,000 entries. In 2011 Seschillie is the featured filmmaker at the Arizona State Museum’s Native Eyes Showcase.

Several of the team’s works were selected to be in both the Navajo cinema showcase organized by director Nanobah Becker in 2007 at the Ojo Encino Chapter House in the Eastern Navajo Agency and the Monument Valley Film Festival in Kayenta, Arizona. Seschillie is an alumnus of Outta Your Backpack Media, a youth outreach program developed by the non-profit organization Indigenous Action Media in Flagstaff. He is currently studying film aesthetics and production at the University of Arizona.

Work featured: The Rocket Boy