Use this page to combine two or more search terms: your search will return records that meet ALL of the criteria specified.  Note that some fields apply only to searching for objects, while others apply only to searching for photos.  If the field name includes the word "object," it searches only ARCHAEOLOGICAL ITEMS, ETHNOGRAPHIC ITEMS, and MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTS. If the field name includes "photo" or "photograph," it searches only PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS. Therefore, entering a search term for ARCHAEOLOGICAL ITEMS in a "Photo" field may yield no results. To search both objects and photos, enter search terms in fields that do not specify "object" or "photo." To perform a search using one of our reference lists, click here.

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The NMAI Collections Search site will be disabled on April 12, 2018, in preparation for launch of an updated, more comprehensive Collections Search site.

Selected objects and historic photographs from the NMAI's collections are accessible via the Smithsonian Collections Search Center site. To search for NMAI holdings on this site, enter a term in the white search box, and then narrow results by clicking "catalog record source" and choosing "National Museum of the American Indian."

To contact NMAI staff about loan requests, image reproduction requests, or to access the NMAI collections, see Contact Collections.

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